About Us

Progressive Printers is dedicated to our customers by providing the very best printing services available in the Cariboo region of BC.

Don and the rest of the Progressive Printing team are well qualified to help you with any of your printing requirements. Along with the technical and graphics requirements for the printing industry, our experience extends into many printing areas, but we are focused most on the needs of the forestry, mining, tourism, and retail market. When you require printing, we know how to get it done the very best way, using the proper equipment, which translates into better prices and a rock solid relationship with our customers.

Progressive Printers is dedicated to providing:

  • quality products and services
  • individual attention to customers
  • the appropriate technology for each job
  • the best price available
  • focused on long term relationships

"We look for the solution, and what is right for our customers. Listening to your needs and understanding how we can best fit into a positive role and a cooperative approach to helping your business. Ideally, we hope to be more like an extention of your business, outsourced to help in the areas that are outside of your core business".